Investor Relations - Current Reports
Date Description  
25.9.2017 Communique regarding withdrawal of the minority shareholders of Stirom S.A.
20.6.2017 STIB Ad hoc report Convening notice OGMS 24/25.07.2017
28.4.2017 STIB Ad hoc report O&E GMS Decisions 28.04.2017
27.4.2017 STIB Ad-hoc Report non-quorum OGSM, EGSM 27.04.2017
30.1.2017 STIB Curent report BoD Decision January 26_2017
27.1.2017 StiB Current report 27.01.2017, changes in Company control, closing
10.10.2016 STIB Curent report 10.10.2016, change of control
4.3.2016 STIB Curent report March 04 2016
5.1.2016 STIB Curent report January 05 2016

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