Company Profile

STIROM was founded in 1968 in Bucharest under the name of Glass Articles Factory Bucharest. Since 1990, it became joint stock company under the name of Stirom SA, and in 1995 became majority private company. In early 2003, Stirom SA was taken by Yioula Glassworks group, based in Greece, group which has 6 other glass factories in Greece, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

STIROM SA is the largest domestic producer of glass articles, being present on the major suppliers list of all companies that use glass packaging, but also of the major "cash and carry" or supermarket networks for household items.

Articles produced and sold by Stirom are divided in two categories:

Glass packaging for food and beverage.

Glass packaging, for industrial customers, includes the following types of products:

Bottles made in flint, green, brown and olive green colours with capacities between 40 ml to 2000 ml, for wine, spirits, soft drinks, beer and mineral water.
Jars for food industry in flint colour with capacities between 80 ml and 1700 ml.
Vials in flint colour with capacities between 8 ml and 1000 ml.

In 2005 was started a comprehensive investment and implementation of new technologies program, currently Stirom is producing high quality bottles, according to European standards, superficially treated, both hot and cold, which gives them a higher durability and aesthetic aspect.

A new production technology was introduced: NNPB (Narrow Neck Press and Blow), using this technology is obtained lighter and more durable on the bottling lines glass packaging, thus obtaining benefits related to price, production and transportation.

Household glassware includes tumblers, stemware, ashtrays, beer mugs, bowls, cups, decanters, etc. in flint or decorated. Stirom SA also provides tumblers, stemware, ashtrays and beer mugs personalized with logos that contain up to 6 colours, for promotions.

The company has a responsible attitude towards environmental protection, environmental investments made since 2007 being over 1 750 000 euros. These investments were focused on reducing emissions and capturing dust and pollutants from the atmosphere.

Stirom implemented in 2006 and obtained certification from Germanischer Lloyd for Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2000 and implemented in 2007 and obtained certification from the same company for Environmental Management System SR EN ISO 14001:2004.

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